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Larry Walker - Principal

April Smith - Assistant Principal

James Jones  -  Assistant Principal

Gina Eaton Nichols - Counselor

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Teacher Appreciation Week

  To end a great teacher appreciation week at Gilmer Middle School, ETC donated a great outdoor chair and 6 Rome Braves tickets to be given away in a drawing for teachers at GMS, on Friday, May 11. The winners were Sarah West, and Julie Horton. GMS would like to thank the entire community for their support! GMS will continue to build on partnerships and community support. Pictured with the winners are April Smith, Assistant Principal, Julie Horton, 5th grade teacher, Larry Walker, Principal, and Sarah West, 6th grade teacher.


Congratulations to Kayla Hensley for winning the beautiful bicycle which was donated by Walmart. Kayla won the bicycle for her great attendance!



Saying goodbye to dear friends whom we love...


We had a wonderful get together sharing cake and ice cream before receiving pins in recognition for years of service. 



Fifth Grade students competing a mile run on our Field Day! 

Above are our first, second and third place winners! 





 Sixth Grade Field Day Events





Our Sixth Grade Trip to CNN was a blast!







A  Trip to Tellus

By: Kimberly Garcia

  Out of all the field trips I’ve had this year, I admit, this one was the best.  My name is Kimberly Garcia.  I’m a 5th grade student from G.M.S. that is about to tell you about an experience that I had.  In April, we had a field trip to the Tellus Museum in Cartersville, GA. 


I was in the Mineral Gallery.  There were two other galleries, but I was perfectly fine with this one.  The gallery was huge! It was so beautiful, it made me cry tears of happiness.  There were “Oohs and Ahhs” everywhere.  My favorite was a gem that was the size of me! After we left the glorious gallery, we went to an “employees only” classroom.  It was and educational lesson .  Then, we went to a “fountain of minerals”.  We had to find minerals hidden in the sand.  Now, our last stop was the gift shop.  It was indescribable.  There were so many things to buy!  Other classes went in different orders.  Those were the stations that we went through.

    I learned a bunch of things.  The museum was pure science.  I learned that there is a lake ….. of lava!  The guide said that it was an example of how plate tectonics work. A video of lava was shown pushing under the other ground.  I also learned that when minerals reach with bright light, it causes them to glow!

    “That was amazing!”, exclaimed my friend.  I totally agree with her.  The trip was stupendous .  I hope I will get to go there again.  I would love to relive that memory.  That’s how I spent the best field trip ever.




The Fifth Grade to Tellus Museum

April 27, 2012





The Fifth Grade trip to Amicalola Falls

May 9, 2012



Mrs. Sharon Mosley's Stock Market Winners

attended the 32nd Annual Georgia Stock Market Game Awards Luncheon

On Tuesday, May 1, 2012.

This was held at the Georgia Freight Depot

at Underground Atlanta.

The guest speaker was Dr. John Barge,

State Superintendent of Schools.






Check out our Car Show Video! 

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GMS teams share a 5 year comparison

of 5th grade writing assessment;

scores shows growth!

For more information click here.



GMS Receives the Platinum Award

This is for being  one of the top ten schools in Georgia

Pictured left to right:  Mr. Larry Walker, Mr. Brian Dorsey, Mr. Jason Kouns

Help earn money for GMS!

Community & Southern Bank’s EarningforLearning program is designed to raise funds for local schools throughout the communities we serve. Our commitment is to contribute more than $20,000 to area schools, and you too can be part of this campaign.

It’s easy. From February 21, 2012, through April 20, 2012, open any qualified CSB personal checking account, business checking account B or safe deposit box (subject to availability), and we will contribute $25 to the school of your choice. CSB will award an additional $5,000 to the top four schools with the most contributions.

The best part is that each school can choose how to allocate the funds. Whether it’s to purchase books, supplies, musical instruments or athletic equipment—whatever the case may be, it’s up to the school to decide.

You may track how your school is performing by visiting myCSBonline.com  Simply click Earning for Learning on the home page beginning March 1, 2012.  Progress reports will be posted weekly.

For additional details, visit your local CSB branch or contact our Customer Care Center at 800.901.8075.

1. A new personal checking account opened between February 21 and April 20, 2012, and having either direct deposit or five (5) debit card transactions by May 21, 2012.

2. A new business checking account opened between February 21 and April 20, 2012, and having five (5) debit card transactions by May 21, 2012

3. $25 maximum contribution per primary accountholder

4.To be eligible to participate, schools must offer services/courses to at least one of the following student groups: K through 12

5.At the end of the campaign, the top school in each of the four regions CSB serves will receive an additional $5,000 contribution

On March 27, 2012, a group of Gilmer Middle School students, teachers, and our principal planted a tree on school grounds dedicated to the memory of Wylie Kiser.  Wylie died on January 13, 2012.

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Gilmer Middle School has recently adopted a new positive incentive program for our 5th and 6th graders.  Each week students are chosen to be recognized in a variety of areas, including but not limited to exceptional grades, academic improvement, attendance, positive behavior and showing a can do attitude.  With this program GMS will  build a foundation that will go with students long after they leave Gilmer County Schools.  Students receive many prizes such as Walmart cards, Gilmer tee-shirts, gift bags and refreshment cards.      



These folks participated in the 4-H District Project Achievement

 in Blairsville on Saturday,

 March, 24th.

They represented Gilmer Middle School VERY well!!.

Pictured above are:

Carter Ott- General Recreation - 3rd Place
Hoyt Stover-Sports - 2nd Place

Eli Cochran-Pork - 2nd Place
Mary Elizabeth Walker-Bunnies - 1st Place
Abi Cantlay-Horses - 3rd Place
Sydney Horton- Health - 2nd Place
Asiria Vicente-Cat care - 3rd Place
 Amanda Wheat- Vet Science

Mrs. Brooks 6th grade Science classes experienced the different states of matter and the effects temperature had on molecules.  This liquid nitrogen science lab kept students engaged and excited about finding answers!  Students were expected to predict and find outcomes.  One example: Students were asked how many air filled balloons would fit into a small styrofoam cooler with a small amount of liquid nitrogen, most were shocked and amazed when they watched as they placed 23 balloons into the cooler.  Then again amazed to watch the air molecules spread back out, reinflating the balloons as they warmed back up to room temperature.  Other important lesson included Safety, and safety equipm ent.


Congratulations to fifth grader
Michaela Thomason
who has been selected as
GMS WLJA Student of the Week!
She was chosen by her teachers
Amber Burrell, Christy Lee & Jenni Sellers



Thank you to the GMS Ag Class and Mr. Pankey 

for helping make GMS beautiful!!

You Rock!!


GMS gets a visit from the mobile dairy



Congratulations to the following students:
6A Haley Latham
6B Andrea Pantoja
6C Victoria Jack
6D Morelia Ramirez
5A Juana Tercero
5B Sydney Horton
5C Isabella Sanford
5D Alberto Vargas



Tiffany Boyette and Sarah West’s' 6th grade classes took learning outside to start exploring customary units of measure at outside conversion stations!!!  In small groups, students rotated through stations. While at each station, students were given  various problem solving tasks using measuring equipment to find equivalents in cups, gallons, and quarts, as well as finding the sum of water intake and consumption of given units over a period of time






Mission Statement
 Challenging students through a rigorous curriculum and accountability.

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Vision Statement

Gilmer Middle School will be a facilitator for all stakeholders (Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents, and Business Community) dedicated to the common goals of graduation and a successful future!

Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)

AYP is one of the cornerstones of the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. It is a measure of year-to-year student achievement on statewide assessments. Every year the Georgia Department of Education publishes an annual progress report called the AYP Overview Report. This profile is now available for your review at the following web site:


In the 2010-11 school year, Gilmer County schools made AYP for entire populations. However, NCLB examines results for subgroups of each school’s population and the district as a whole. Unfortunately we did not meet the ever-increasing annual measurable objectives established in NCLB for the 2010-11 school year. However, out of 60 academic performance categories, Gilmer County Schools showed Adequate Yearly Progress in 53 out of 60.

El Progreso Adecuado de Año (AYP)

AYP es una de las piedra angular del Acto federal del 2001 que Ningún Niño Se Quedara A Tras. Se mide del éxito de los estudiantes de año-año en exámenes a través del estado. Cada año el Departamento de Educación de Georgia publica el reporte del progreso anual llamado AYP Toman en consideración el reporte. Este perfil esta se encuentra disponible para que usted en la siguiente pagina del Internet.


En año escolar del 2010-11 las escuelas del Condado de Gilmer hicieron el AYP para toda la población. Sin embargo, NCLB los resultadazos de los exámenes de los suplementos de los grupos de cada escuela’ la población de todo el distrito. Desafortunadamente no llegamos a satisfacer el incremento de las medidas anuales y los objetivos estabilizados en NCLB para el 2010-11 del año escolar. Sin embargo, de 60 categorías del desempeño en el Condado de Gilmer demuestra en Año Adecuado del Progreso de 60 únicamente 53.